Mrave 2002

Anita, Mike and Brian

Wench weaving her costume together

Miriam and Matt as the classic schoolgirl/tentacle monster pairing

Emmanuel as Edward S.

Tammany was the Grim Fandango room, based off the LucasArts game (see also the giant skeleton mural on the second floor)

Leafy Eve as Mother Earth

Gaea as "Death of the firstborn" (In a tribute to the legendary plagues consuming Masqueraves in the past, a group got together and went as the biblical plagues rained down upon Egypt.

All the biblical plagues in one room!

Top row from left is V as Darkness, some bald guy, Bryan(?) as cattle disease, Brett as boils (with extra-fun bubble wrap!) Brad as something his skeleton costume doubled for, Dan as lice, Beth E. Toad as "rain of frogs." Bottom row from left: Gaea as Death of Firstborn, Staubin as Wild Beasts, Mike as locusts.

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