Mrave 2003

The Day of the Dead front hallway.

Danielle as Strawberry Shortcake (Don't any of you kids remember playing ChineseTakeoutLand?)

Demasi as Wolverine

Gaea as a centaur for the RPG room's quest

Nads as Alice

The RPG Room. (TV ROOM)

This room ran quests out of it all night, which you could complete and turn in for prizes (drinks) in Tammany. One girl (Roo) went around all night not talking to anybody until someone finally completed her quest and got her back her voice. Stealing the hit points (pieces of string tied around its wrists) off the centaur to prove its death was another quest. But the centaur tended to kick.

Milo behind the quest counter

Sarah measuring hit points

The cardboard cave of doom got a lot of play that night.

You could always redeem things at the Bank and Armory.

Yarrr. Ye Old Scurvy Pirate Room. (Tammany)

By Dee and Claire

They sold "ale" and did jigs on the counter.

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