So legend has it that once, my hair was blonde.

Then it kinda turned to brown. (For once, not my doing)

Then one day I came to college.

I thought, hmm. Surely if I just dye a little bit in front, my parents will never notice when I visit them!

Then, I met this boy named Nate. Nate was very, shall we say, attuned to color. He showed me his array of dyes. "Which would you like?" "All of them!!"

That was freshman year. The next year, I discovered the color red.

"Ooo, I'm just like Ariel!"

And orange.

And (all of the above).

But then, I played Janet in Rocky. And of course I couldn't wear a wig...

Third year: A few more sidetrips into red, and my "friends" finally convinced me to go pastel.

At this point, my hair was starting to abandon ship. Naturally, I turned to a sprightly purple and pink combo.


Senior year: Time to settle down and become mature. This is how I look pretending to be mature.

(P.S. That's not my real color, either!)

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