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*The Evan Chronicles, 10.18.2002*

*The Luke Chronicles, Feb 2003*

*NEW* The POOR houseguest (18+)

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The Founder's Head

Thanks to Bondage Faries for fairy pics

Me: ok. This is it. I'm calling them right now, and I need a good company name.
Wench: Freaky Castle something
Me: hmm ;-)
Me: sounds like hamburgers
Wench: Creative Faeries, Ltd.
Me: what're the implications of Ltd?
Wench: dunno
Wench: it just sounds cool
Me: Faery Solutions, llc.
Me: Faery or Faerie?
Wench: Faerie
Wench: if you're gonna do the ae, you need the ie
Me: right ho
Me: ok i'm calling them now.
Wench: go! go!

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