The mailboxes. The packages. Playboys addressed to Prudence Risley.
Also home to "David Bowie's Package Slip."

Gaea's story: "I lived in room 224 my freshman year. My boyfriend and I were getting a little...adventurous... one night (see the Rispurity question about furniture) and somehow the bottom drawer fell out of the dresser. It was near the end of the year, so rather than worry about repairing the damages I just took a hammer to it and somehow managed to jam it back in so it looked normal from the outside.
Fast-forward a few months. It's now August, I'm happy in my new room and working in the service center. Along comes one of the new freshmen, asking me if I could help her fill out a service request... you guessed it. Her bottom drawer was stuck. Keeping a straight face was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Turn around.