Messages from Risleyites past line the walls: "Hi, Risloids!" (in white)

An anonymous Ris-storyteller (Ristenure 1978-82) says:
Risley boogies were dances, usually in the area outside Ris-dining. We'd set up (usually my) stereo equipment cause I had monster speakers and a nice (vinyl) turntable (or 2 of someone would loan theirs).
We also broke onto the roof of the tower one year and had a boogie up there (though that did get busted up by campus safety as we had used lockpicks to get up there). They replaced the locks, and we figured out a different way to get up there by removing a couple stairs from the metal staircase to the roof from underneath in one of the 6th floor closets. We actually had sleepovers under the stars up there a couple of times.

Out, onto the tower roof!!
Too much! Turn back!