Jascha's story: Jason's truck as pool. (2003)
We drove onto Risley’s back lawn, with a tarp sealing the back of Jason’s truck, and stole pre-heated water from the laundry room so we could take a “truck of sketch” to another party.
Jason developed an excellent heating system, to keep the water hot . . . . He had a length of copper tubing, two lengths of high temperature hose, and an electric water pump. You attached the hose to both ends of the copper tubing, and tossed the two ends of the hose into the back of the pickup truck which is filled with water. Then, you toss the copper tubing into a bonfire (or, into an oven if no bonfire is available) and turn on the pump. Voila . . . . heated hot tub in the back of a truck.

Go ahead towards the gorge (and towards Autumn, incidentally).
Turn to the right.
Take that side path to the right.
Turn around.