The Horse Mural

"I painted [the horse mural] at the end of my freshman year (1996). I think it was my way of escaping a really rough first year. I was really close to my family and left them in Oklahoma, almost failed chemistry, did break up with my high school sweetheart... blah blah blah. So I painted a huge mural of a running horse (horses being my totem animal if there ever was one). :) And I almost fell down the stairwell doing it. It was supposed to be three horses, but when I got done with the first I liked it and didn't want to clutter the picture. The proper viewing point is standing in the hall so you can see it in the mirror at the top of the stairs. The horse's dimensions are right from there, and there only."
- Amanda Brooke Wineman, who grew up to marry fellow Risleyite Dan.

Up to the Four-and-a-Half floor.
Up to the landing.
Wall sculpture to your right.
Turn around.