Room 227

Pictured here: Gaea's room in 2002. "That dangling doll near the fire extinguisher started as a joke, where we would make her look hideous and deformed for the fun of it. I think it started as a Britney Spears doll; not *even* Barbie. But one day some friends gave it a bad hair dye job, and the next day, my hair dye attempt looked really bad. Then we cut off the doll's leg and melted it to her ass, and the next week, I broke my leg. We decided we'd discovered a voodoo doll, and promptly wrapped and hid the thing somewhere near Berkeley, California. I live in fear of someone discovering it and dressing it poorly." - Gaea

"I lived in 227 my sophomore year... so 1991 or so. A great room -- many times I closed all the fire doors in the hallway and moved chairs and a carpet out into the corridor and called it my living room."
-Bob (class of 93) aka "Risley Rocky's first Riff Raff"

Go inside.
Turn to your right.
Turn to your left.
Turn around.