The 2nd Lost, Add-Yer-Own-Thingie Mural

The inspiration behind this mural (started circa 1998) was that someone would paint the background environment, and then Risleyites over the years could add things representing great Risley moments, like a giant "Where's Waldo."

(late 90s, Mike Gray, Wench, et al)

(From left to right): The squid cannon.
The squid flies through the air.
The squid hits the target!!
Meanwhile, far past the mural, a few feet down the wall... A lonely squid has overshot.

A ghost ship. Perhaps based on the time-traveling pirates who must never stop, lest their hangovers catch up with them.

In another part of the mural, a prairie-pirate ship is trailed by prairie dogs.
A flying squirrel catches a flying acorn (near the flying refrigerator and flying toilet paper roll)
The den of sin. Right next to 211, the life-sized one. (Wench's room)
The snow cock. Based on real-life Risley sculpture.

Take a step back.