Historically, every Masquerave has been associated with a major calamity. The first one (1995) had Tammany as "Sodom," which ended with the one phrase "Rumors of Penetration are Completely Unfounded" being the only thing between Risley and complete public relations doom. In 1996, there was FIRE and FLOOD. As an homage, 12 people went as the Biblical Plagues in '02.

(Clay's story): During the early hours, an upstairs Risleyite committed an oops and threw some still burning "smokable items" into a trash can. The fire was small and was confined to that room, but there was water damage to two other rooms on 2nd Main (flood).

In one room (Russ and Rayhawk's) all of the dirty clothes on the floor actually soaked up the water coming under the door and saved their TV set, which was also sitting on the floor. However, their door was kicked in by the fire fighters, so for a little while you could wave at them through the "so-called door" ...(MORE M-RAVE Lore)

Go forward.
There's a ringing in the alcove to your right.
The TV room is to your left.
Spin around.