Winter (Feb?) 2001

Color made possible by pints and pints of mint ice cream for the tail and claws, and INSANE amounts of kool-aid mix.

This is my baby dragon. It guards the castle. Before you scoff, will you please notice the distinct lack of armored invaders scaling the Risley walls? Hmm, there don't seem to be any. That's right. Good dragon.

Before we added color (note the lamp post)

Dragon in full color.

This creature made possible by myself and the other princesses: Danielle (the only REAL princess), Erin B (even though we all know she's not *really* a princess. Just a gangster.), Erin C, Meredith, and oh yes, others.

To see a giant snow cock, click here. ***warning: for viewers pretending to be mature, ONLY!****

(Once again, 'twas a group effort. Thanks, Risley!)

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