This was in preparation of climbing all the way over Risley, I believe...

(The chiffon was the only long-ish material we had on hand at the time. It was left over from the faeries costume from Risprom drag ball years before).

She hadn't gotten very far when this incredibly angry man huffs out of his car and starts barking up at us, "I AM THE R.H.D!!!"
We're like, "Um, cool." Not sure why he's telling us this, (perhaps a recent promotion he's proud of?) we continue climbing.
He doesn't budge. "I AM THE R.H.D!!!!"
"Okay..." Now, at this point we're a little confused. I mean, we know the RHD. She's a small white woman. This is a large black man.
"Stacy...?" I venture.
His head looks like it's about to blow up. "I am the RHD of DONLON HALL! Now git down here this IN-stant!!!"
We climb down, just to make the poor man happy. But later we lower her over the dining balcony, and life is good.

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