Rocky Horror, 3-4 Nov 2006

The Denton Drama Troupe shows us it's not... spent... yet.

Beforehand, prep in The Sweet.

Mer helps Ida lace up.

Just the ladies. Including Denton alum Daniella and Directrix Parker!

Joe walls me into my room with romance novels... knew I should have taken it easy at the FotL booksale.

The tower built on pure smut collapses... who woulda guessed?

Daniella came all the way from PA, where she routinely gets to shout, "Step up the reactor power input three... more... points!" in the course of her job.

The lovely, sexy, hawtness herself: Ida Slapder

GONG!!!! Dinner is prepared!

I reclaimed my "virginity" the second night. Omigawd, a blue wig! And my bra's on the OUTSIDE, get it???

Some ho wearing the same wig. I scratched her eyes out later.

Greg, the other gizza, was a true virgin. Aww!

Virgin games

Poonover the Southern Preacher Emcee (don't the light glares look like thought bubbles?)

Things got hairy for the hickey competition.

As JP asked wistfully later, "Did I miss hairy alumni weekend?"

'Manuel (Hispanic mechanic, anyone?) admires his mouthiwork.

Virgin fisting gizza action

Fantabulous expression on Poon's face.

The lovely Pole got much use. Take THAT, Kommittee '04!

While Fizerella masterminded things from the hearth ("Where's the laptop? Burnin' in the fireplaaaace...")

Genuine Ida-done makeup.

Shafted... AGAIN.

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