Masquerave '06


First there was the necessary prep time in The Sweet.

Adri and Lex go as the Cheshire Cat and Stick Sperm, respectively.

Smut Fairy went around blessing people with pages of pure smut.

For the first time in Masquerave history, Josh wears a costume he can actually sit down in.

Judy as the crack fairy (unlike the crack princess and crack queen, which she embodied in the past... next year crack baby?)

Wench being blessed by "the crack."

Judy's very shiny date.

The Wench actually made the Bondage Fairy wings from scratch.

Mer in her usual "snake" costume... at least I knew it was her this time. In earlier years, I'd looked back at the Mrave pictures and wondered, "Why are some off-center with some weird sheet on the side?"

No dental Pfillings!

Okay, seriously this one wins as creepiest photo taken all night. Ever see those paintings of Jesus where you stare at Him too long and His eyes open at you? Check out her eyes.

V dressed as a man to avoid sexual harrassment. Did it work? Well, her one-glove look has certainly never been worn by anyone who would, say, invite small children over to check out a candy playground.

Prepping the castle for the party.

Main Hall was the yellow brick road. Sadly, the paper was torn up moments after the hoardes started pouring in.

Giant purple hand being hauled into the X-Men room

Tom got going on an awesome last-minute smut tutu

While Sarah did magic with blacklight paints and a mirror.

Fiz masterminded the music and visuals.

The yellow brick road ended in, what else? The Emerald City.

Then, there came the party itself.

Josh, still enjoying the novelty of sitting in a costume

The Dude abides.

Even the Spanish Inquisitor didn't expect the Trippertrap!

Hmm, looking a little empty...

Where is everyone, you may ask.

Could they be in... The Trippertrap?

Ah, yes. The best room in the house. And I say that completely without bias (cough)

Trippers go in... they don't go out.

Perhaps this is also the Strippertrap.

The Bondage Fairies took the pole for a few turns. (This is much better without the silly camera flash).

This one guy saw us fairies on the stairs and did an actual turn-around doubletake. ".......Which one of you is Pfil?" he managed. Woo fanboys!!

Judy was really working the pole.

...perhaps flooding the market for stripteases by the end of the night.

Mrave in other years...

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