-The Ill-Advised Pie-

Apple and Spaghetti. Dinner and Dessert. Inexplicably intertwined.

So the whole thing started when I had a dream. I had a dream of dinner and dessert, nestled comfortably together under a single crust, awaiting their similar destinies in comfort and companionship.

In the dream, it was cherry and spaghetti. But for various reasons, we decided to do apple-raisin. Before you get too judgemental, think of this: There are dinner pies. Chicken pot pie, for example. And there are dessert pies. And it would not be too unthinkable for a person to eat a slice of one pie for dinner and another for dessert.

Find two substances of roughly similar cooking requirements, give each its own half, throw an opaque crust over them both, and you've got the Russian-Roulette of the edible realm. Not only do you give the whole thing a good spin and not know whether you'll be getting dinner or dessert, but there are those two dreaded edge-pieces that someone's got to get.

Next project: Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry, and pumpkin. One holiday, one pie. One mad dash to the garbage disposal.

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